No Power going to the Dish/ Antenna?

  1. Is the power supply plugged in with a green indicator light?
  2. Cable from outside wall (from dish/antenna) is plugged into the Data +Power port (Figure 2a)? (Older Models have ‘To Radio 29.5v’ , Figure 2b)
  3. The outside wall cable does not have: extreme kinks, twists, bends, pinches, cracked jacket, electrical burns and etc., which could have resulted with damage to the cable?
  4. On outside wall, is there a tan surge box? Are there any electrical burns/ debris inside the tan surge box? (Figure 1).

5. Outdoor cable leading to Dish/Antenna does not have visible damage such as: Animal bite marks (such as squirrel or dog), cracked jacket, water damage/corrosion, or fallen trees tugging on the cable line.

Is there a Router Issue?

  1. Is there power going to router? Are there indicator lights OFF?
  2. All Indicator lights solid, including ports that are not in use?
  3. Does it feel uncomfortably warm to the touch?
  4. You do NOT you see your Router SSID (Router Label) in your WI-FI connection list on your device?
  5. Did you hear popping, fizzing or zapping noises coming from the router before it lost power?
  6. If you said YES to all these questions, your router will need replacing. They can be purchased from your local Walmart/ The Source.

Is there a Router Connectivity Issue?

  1. Are there any metallic obstacles between the connecting device and the router (example: appliances, mirrors, metal cabinets, shelving, or other broadcasting devices.)
  2. Have you tried rebooting the router by unplugging the power cord, waiting 10 seconds, then plugging power back in?
  3. Have you tried forgetting the network router and then reconnecting, using your connecting device settings?
  4. Your router firmware software is up to date?
  5. Is your connecting device firmware up to date?
  6. Cable connections are snug and locked in place with an audible ‘Click’
  7. Was the router rest? Configuration could be set to factory default?