Advanced Tips

Router Interference

  • Under the wireless settings 2.4GHz in the router interface, switch wireless channel (frequency channel) from AUTO to either channels 1, 6, or 11. These are non-overlapping channels and should help when managing suspected wireless interference in your home.

Streaming Services

  • Netflix: Sign into your account –> Account Settings –> Playback Settings –> Set to MEDIUM instead of leaving it on AUTO. This will help stabilize streaming and reduce bandwidth load for better playback.
  • This will also help with other streaming services. Changing from AUTO playback to MEDIUM ensures the video quality does not change while viewing.
  • If you are disconnected, ensure subscription is up to date as services are cancelled at the end of the payment term.
  • Ensure streaming apps are updated regularly, to ensure the app has the latest definitions and features.
  • Physical connections allow for stable connectivity. Wireless connectivity is prone to interference and environmental variables that can sometimes affect the overall experience.

Online Gaming

  • Reduce quality resolution to MEDIUM to balance connectivity. (PC Games specifically)
  • Try a wired connection over a wireless connection when possible.
  • More people connected for matches, the more the host server is likely to become overloaded. This will cause dropouts and lagging.
  • Most upcoming games a designed with all major data localized on the home machine, sending only Peer to Peer information to the host server/ or host machine. This greatly reduces information that is transmitted over the internet. However older games transmit larger chunks of data to the host causing lag/drop outs, so it is worth researching
  • Some game features like voice, messaging, or different features used in game, may require port forwarding. Refer to for useful ‘how to’ information such as router setup and a majority of ports that services use. Research required ports for your game as there generally isn’t a standard port.
  • Try researching LAN Party capable game. Software that is compatible will be able to communicate to each other (One host, other members as clients connecting to host) through the router. Just make sure not to connect too many people to the host at once. Some games may still require an internet connection to access certain features.